Simplifying the Foot and Ankle – Assessment & Treatment. The EEMO Approach

Simplifying the Foot and Ankle – Assessment & Treatment. The EEMO Approach


Course dates:                

October 19/20, 2019

Course times:                

8:30 am – 4:30 pm

(lunch and snacks provided; please bring refillable water containers)

Registration and coffee (provided) at 8:15 am Saturday

Course Location:           

Room 309 Forrest Building

School of Physiotherapy, Dalhousie University

5869 University Ave, Halifax, NS

Course Fee:                    


Course content:            

1. Subjective and objective assessment pearls to quickly differentially diagnose the patient’s dysfunction and the cause of the dysfunction.  Conditions include:

·       Lateral foot pain e.g. peroneal tendinitis/osis vs sural nerve irritation

·       Posterior foot pain e.g. Achilles tendinitis/osis

·       Anterior ankle pain e.g. inf tib fib joint vs talar osseochondral defects

·       Medial foot pain e.g. spring ligament sprain vs tib post tendinitis

·       Plantar foot pain e.g. plantar fasciitis vs plantar nerve irritation

·       Hypomobile and hypermobile joints

·       Muscle imbalances

·       Altered neurodynamics


2. Treatment of foot and ankle conditions with:

·       Patient education - E

·       Exercise therapy - E

·       Manual therapy - M

·       Other (taping, bracing, modalities) - O


 Registration:    Dalhousie Physiotherapy Clinic

                           902 494 1502

                           Credit (Visa) only accepted by phone

                           Debit and Credit (Visa) in person


As this is a practical course, spaces are limited so register early to secure a spot. Registration deadline is September 30, 2019.  An administrative fee of $50 will be charged for cancellations prior to October 5, 2019; after this date no refunds will be provided. 


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