Exercise prescription for cervical Spine Dysfunction- Carole Kennedy

Exercise prescription for cervical Spine Dysfunction- Carole Kennedy


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The use of specific therapeutic exercise as an adjunct to manual therapy treatment is a major component of evidence-based physiotherapy. It can be challenging to develop the appropriate exercise program for the patient with cervical dysfunction, attempting to address the many impairments involved, and yet not overload or irritate the neck.


This course will focus on the use of exercise in the management of the patient with cervical spine dysfunction. A variety of physiological impairments: muscle performance (recruitment, motor control & strength), mobility, somatosensory function and posture will be presented, and detailed assessment particularly for the motor and somatosensory dysfunctions will be covered through practical sessions. Exercises to address each of these impairments will be discussed, demonstrated and practiced. This is not a manual therapy course and minimal manual therapy techniques will be included in order to focus our time on exercise.


Exercise program design will be summarized through the use of a case history demonstration if time permits.

Carol Kennedy graduated from Queen’s University in 1979, completed her Advanced Diploma of Orthopaedic Manual and Manipulative Therapy in 1984 and her Master of Clinical Science (Manip) from UWO in 2010. She teaches extensively in the Canadian Manual Therapy Course System, as well as cervical spine manual therapy and exercise courses nationally and internationally. She is past Chair of the Chief Examiner Board for the National Manual Therapy Exams. In 2005 Carol received an Award of Excellence for Clinical Contribution from the Physio Association of BC for her work related to the cervical spine. In 2012, Carol successfully completed the inaugural CPA Clinical Specialization Program (MSK) and qualified as an assessor for that program. In 2015, Carol received the Golden Hands Award, given to “an exceptional orthopaedic physio that exemplifies the commitment to our profession in manual therapy, education, mentorship & research”. Carol has contributed chapters on cervical exercise for the textbooks; Therapeutic Exercise, Moving Toward Function (2017) as well as Manual Therapy for Musculoskeletal Pain Syndromes (2016). Carol is a partner at Treloar Physiotherapy Clinic in Vancouver where she almost exclusively treats patients with cervical spine disorders